Sunday, December 23, 2012

Thursday, December 20, 2012


I was delighted when Lola selected me as her artist of the month! Great questions from a very bright, talented 6 year old. Thank you, Lola!

1) When did you learn to draw? I began to scribble at a wee age. I scribbled in books, on walls and once in a while on paper. I loved making marks. My random mark became more fine tuned over the years by practice, practice, practice. I like to say I taught myself to draw. I believe we all have the natural ability to draw, but most all of us are too afraid to explore that talent.

2) What is your favorite animal?- mine's a fox- they just have two new
Arctic foxes at the zoo. I love cats. I also love the deer in my backyard. As you can see, I am a fan of large animals, such as elephants and giraffes, buffalo fascinate me. I guess I really don’t have a favorite. I like most all animals, though I am afraid of snakes.

3) Which hand do you use to draw, right or left?- I use my right. I am right handed, though when I want a new look to my drawings, I switch hands and draw with my left hand.

4) For your grapevine elephant, did you spend a lot of time at the zoo
watching the elephants? I did watch the elephants at the Washington D.C. zoo, but my elephant sculptures were designed by creating many line sketches of elephants before I started construction.

5) What is your favorite color? Mine is purple. One of my favorite colors is orange. I love deep blue, green and yellow too.

6) Where's your favorite place to visit? I love all museums! I also love visiting and shopping at the Salvation Army.

7) How did you come up with the book square cat? One day in my studio I made a drawing of a perfect square. My cat, Stanleigh was sitting next to me so I decided to put Stanleigh's face on my square. I added ears and a square tail and voila! I created one square cat named Eula.

8) What is your favorite Christmas thing? Mine is our nativity or it
may be the Christmas tree. My favorite Christmas thing is our tree. It is 10 feet tall! Oh, and I love that both of my daughters come home for Christmas.

9) Which do you like better, apples or pears? That's hard to decide -I'd pick pear today I eat one apple a day. However at this time of the year, I find the pears to be extra yummy. For today, I will say pear is my favorite.

10) What is your favorite thing to draw? My favorite thing to draw is animals. I too love drawing animals, and one of my favorite thing to draw is our beautiful upstate New York landscape.