Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Traveling Square Cat

Eula Square Cat
 traveled to Grand Prairie,Texas this month to visit with Ms. McDonald's Kindergarten class
for a lesson all about cats!

Since we're studying expository texts, all last week we researched cats and on Friday we reviewed what narratives are and read Square Cat.  The class discussed the differences between both types of texts and then voted on their favorite type.  Since my class is a Spanish speaking class, I translated Square Cat into Spanish and we wrote in Spanish.  They had to tell me why they preferred the text they chose and then created their cat.

I loved this book more because ...
it teaches you what a cat needs.
it gave me information.
it gives you much information about cats.
it speaks of what you shouldn't give cats.
it taught us things about cats.
it told me how much hair a cat can have.

I loved this book more because...
it made me laugh.
it is funny.
the cat was square.
the cat had ponytails.
the cat was always falling.
the round cats got into boxes.
the round cats made square cat happy.

Thank you, Ms. McDonald's Class! 

Grand Prairie Independent School District 
Lee Elementary School
Grand Prairie, Texas